Cloud Computing

FireweedHCMS is built on Windows Azure, a cloud computing platform operated by Microsoft.  Azure provides an enterprise grade infrastructure platform to run applications accessible from the Internet.  By leveraging cloud computing, FireweedHCMS can handle millions of simultaneous requests without suffering performance.  Click here for a complete report on Windows Azure security.

Physical Security

A system cannot be more secure than the physical platform on which it runs.  Each Microsoft facility is designed to run 24x7 and employs multiple measures to protect against power failures, physical intrusions, and network outages.   Access to the systems is limited to a very small number of Microsoft operations personnel, who must regularly change their access credentials.

Data Security

Although FireweedHCMS is a shared application, customer's data is segregated into separate databases.  This ensures that a customer cannot purposely or mistakenly access any other customer's information.  All confidential information and records are encrypted using private keys prior to being stored in the database to further ensure confidentiality.  Additionally, all communication between both the client browser and the Fireweed application, and Fireweed Application and the customer database are encrypted.



All of the content stored on FireweedHCMS is replicated three times.  This helps protect against any data loss or disaster event.  The data center has multiple electrical power sources in addition to power generation capabilities for extended off-grid operation.

Audit and Accountability

FireweedHCMS records all data access events to provide a clear audit trail.  User-names and timestamps are used to identify who accessed what resource when.  FireweedHCMS includes extensive audit reporting capabilities available to administrators.  Because every data access transaction is logged, the tools can help provide administrator and employee accountability.