FireweedHCMS News

Microsoft Highlights FireweedHCMS in MSDN Article

07-05-2012Microsoft recently highlighted Cloud49 and FireweedHCMS in an MSDN article. The article is one of the "Go Live Partners Series" which spotlights successful companies using Microsoft cloud technologies.

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Cloud49 Chooses Windows Azure to Host Fireweed HCMS

14-03-2012Cloud49 this week announced it released its application, Fireweed HCMS, built on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform.

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Cloud49 Unveils Software for Human Capital Management

06-03-2012Fireweed Human Capital Management System (HCMS), a cloud-based application designed to assist businesses with human capital challenges, is now available to companies of all sizes, according to Cloud49, the company that developed and distributes the software.

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